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Shujin Master Ben Peacock C.E.O. USGKS

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Let's find the leaders of this organization, our black belts!

Our network of black belts are scattered abroad and we need to let them know that they are still welcomed and needed here with us.

It's not a family re-union, but Shujin Peacock is serious about locating all of his black belts as to find out the status of their martial arts participation. "They may need our help and support and there's no doubt that we need theirs", says Master Peacock. "Even if the sting of martial arts have faded in their lives, we want to know where they are and primarily what they're doing with their training." There are so many children out there nowadays that need to find themselves and needs directions in how to channel their lives in a positive and fruitful manner and I know most of my black belts can play a part in those children realizing a positive direction.

As martial artist, we must understand that we have somewhat of a duty to those searching for enlightenment. Some of you as black belts may also be searching for enlightenment and some can find it by helping others to turn their lives around and be one of the solutions for our enviroment rather than one of the problems. You may not know it, but every day you change the lives of someone around you. You may not know it and may never know it, but someone is watching how you live your life and admire the way you are doing it so much that they change something in their lives to have some of what you have. We are ultimately shaped by the people around us and each time we change those surrounding people, we ourselves must change. For instance, a family living in Chicago moves to the suburbs. They ultimately don't change immediately, but eventually their surrounding will make a change in them. Reverse that scenario and a family in the suburb moves into Chicago, they will ultimately have to change something about themselves simply to survive in the metropolitan area. We don't want to admit it, but everyone plays a part in the creation of another.

Shihan Master Kenneth Young, President USGKS

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This is not a true statement "Karate the fighting art."

Americans have given us all a bad reputation with that statement

A fight usually occurs when two or more individuals disagree on a matter or an occurrence and one or more becomes angered over the disagreement or the occurrence and lashes out at the other. I can't speak for other karate schools or organizations, but we at the universal Shorei-Goju Karate System have a different point of view. In this life, there will never be an agreement among men as the years of man living on this earth has not to this day resulted in total agreement among men. Fighting will not cure that sickness. So, we at the USGKS realize that you have a right to disagree. Our skills are cultivated and nurtured because we wish to have peace among men which we know will never happen so we prepare ourselves to defend ourselves for the sake of having peace. When someone disagrees with you and then want to physically force you to agree with them through domination or fear, then they have infringed on my right or our right to have peace. Therefore, we do not engage in battle to force another to fear us or to rule that person in any manner, we simply wish to protect our right to peace. This is why our skills are not defined as fighting but as defending because that is what we're doing. We are defending our right to have peace, our own opinion and free will. Nothing more. A true martial artist will walk away from an altercation simply because of the knowledge he or she has about themselves. Most martial artist know they can kill or critically damage a human being with one single blow. Therefore, they walk away, not out of fear, but for the sake of the angry person who doesn't know what they're embarking upon. When you damage another person, regardless of the reason, the damage could last for a short period of time or for a life time. You can't simply look at a person and determine their medical or health condition. All you know is they are angry and is subject to attack you. Anger doesn't consider those elements when in full rage, it only wants satisfaction. A true martial artist will walk away at that point as if satisfaction does not occur for the angered individual, they will become very repetitive in their efforts to acquire it. So, we are not making an art out of fighting, the art is of defending against the fight if need be.

Shihan Master Darrell Simms Sr., Vice President USGKS

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Parent sometimes uses negative means to punish child.

Parent's often remove their children from karate class as a punishment.

From my experience, a child who takes a liking to karate is one who may be being bullied in some fashion, or simply like the movie images of ninja turtles, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris. Whatever the case, you'll find that as a child grows older and begin relating to others, it can sometimes seem the world has turned against them. Choosing the right school is critical to the outcome your child will receive as an end result. Karate is designed to build character, generate discipline, self esteem, focus, and a variety of positive social attributes. Therefore, choose a dojo that builds on those attributes and not one that could crush your child's personality. You'll find dojos that are demeaning to your child by calling them names and embarrassing them without good reason. I say good reason, because sometimes a simple kick or punch or walking in a stance can become embarrassing to a child or an adult for that matter. However, the instructor's job is not to focus on that issue but to find a way to correct it. When a child is enjoying their education and training in martial arts, remember the world is still out there waiting to pounce on your child and it's the job of the karate instructor and you to make sure your child survives the outside world. If a child is acting up at home, simply tell the karate instructor and they will activate the discipline module on your child. You see, our job is not to punish a child for anything, our job is to discipline them on everything. The things we go through in life is actually what makes us and mold us into who and what we are. When you remove your child from classes for any reason, you are depriving them of opportunities to make themselves one who is socially acceptable. You wouldnt pull your child from their public or private school because you know they will not make it very far in this society without going through the required maze of formal education. Karate will help them understand a lot of their school subjects as karate training is mostly hands on and a lot of the things you learn in public or private school will never be experiemented on by the child. You can learn how to calculate the diameter, circumference, and depth of a hole, but until you dig one will you actually know the physical factors of it. In Karate we teach the four or five elements of defense, depending on how you define them. They are :

• 1. Muscles and Skeletal

•2. Nervous System

•3. Digestive System and

•4. Body Organs.

We sometimes say 5 elements because we at times separate the muscles and skeletal as two elements instead of one. We also teach trigonometry and physics with powerful theories based on their concepts. You won't find many martial arts schools that teach at this level because they haven't conceived the importance of them yet. They are still trying to figure the physical combat part. The Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System went beyond the physical part of training in 1992. So when you take your child from our classes, they may miss some very important knowledge that could help them in the martial arts world and the outside world. Our discipline module is sufficiently designed to handle most problems you may have with your child. The thing to remember is to make sure you do as we do so that the child has no option to escape the disciplinary period. Our disciplinary process does not inflict pain onto your child, but pain will come once they enter the module. Our disciplinary module will actually improve your child's skills while subjecting discipline.