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Take a look at our lineup of dojo's that are conveniently available to you. We're still growing and we have the best experienced instructors that are capable of providing you with the training you need at an above quality level. Our system is designed by Shujin Master Ben Peacock, who has proven to be one of the very top martial artist in the country, and have actual proof from tournament competition to street altercations that our system is both effective and powerful. Find one of our convenient location and visit one today or for that matter visit them all so you can see for yourself that our training is both consistent and standardized like no other martial art karate system.

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Oak Park, Illinois

Young's School of Martial Arts - located 28 Chicago Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 60103 6th Degree Black Belt Shihan Kenneth Young Operations Manager. For additional information - Click Here For Contact Information

Matteson, Illinois 60443 708.357.9182 | E-mail:

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