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"That's right, It's me, Benjarie-7 and I'm coming straight at you with a January cold steel blade drawn with a chilly and solid frozen attitude to let you know that no one will be able to stop you from participating in our January events and activities." "Click on me to see what's happening on our January calendar."

They call me "First Strike" and I'm on fire for competition, but if I don't see you at my tournament competition this month, I'll come looking for you!! That's a promise!

I'm Essie L4 and I say women are very much equal to men. We can enjoy a good event or activity as well as any man. Come participate in our March activities and see for your self.

When life and its obstacles attack you, Benjarie7 can teach you, train you and advise you on how you can deal with the dragon's teeth, claws and whipping tail. Our clinics and seminars can enlighten your path into a brighter future in martial arts.

Everyday, I poise myself to meet the challenges that the end of the school year brings, I do this by attending activities hosted by the USGKS. They're fun, educational and fulfilling. I simply love it! My name is Erica, come join me.

I am Benjarie7, and I stand contemplating whether you have anything planned that will continue the educational focus you and your child need and deserve this summer. Navigate through our website's activity listing and enroll in one of our educational programs that will surely instill substantial discipline and education that will enhance his or her knowledge on the human body and its mechanical limits.

Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System and me, Juggernaut, will give you some cool stuff in July which is what you'll need to overcome the heat of battle and competition to guarantee you a new year of exciting quality and fullfilling martial arts training with sensational activities.

I am Tercer, and I don't play around in August. I spend most of my time seriously training in the boot camp activities held by the USGKS in preparation for the Traditional Warrior Karate Championship next month in September. Be ready, because I'll be there in top shape and top condition.

Don't get it all wrong, just because they call me Feline doesn't mean I will subject myself to defeat. I attend the USGKS activities all year long so I can land on my feet at the end of any battle or confrontation. That's why, come hell or high water, I'll be at the USGKS tournament this month.

I am Shelia and I can cut through the crap as well as anyone. Don't be deceived by the name of the martial arts style you may wish to train in, but look into the quality of training that is offered. That's why I train with the best at a USGKS facility. They back their results through and educational base foundation. Join me at the next USGKS activity or USGKS event.

They call me Channeller, because I bogard my way through a lot of stuff. Yes, I have a bit of a temper, but the USGKS activities and events puts my anger in perspective and allow me to handle it much, much better.

I am the Ram and I will butt heads with anyone regardless of the season, for I train within the USGKS system and that means excellence on a quality platform. So, do you really want to butt heads with me? You can at any USGKS activity or event. Check em out!

"Building Strength From Within"

Visit our main office and our training locations throughout the metropolitan Chicago and suburban areas.
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Main Office Location (Undetermined).• Matteson, Illinois 60443 708.357.9182
E-mail: benjarie7@universalshorei-gojukarate.com

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