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Now is the time for a committment to be made as life has no replacement parts. Yes the body has very expensive replacement parts but the life you've been blessed to have has absolutely none. Start out on a low impact exercise program and build up to a more aggressive program when your body demands more from you while providing and supplying you with that burst of energy. Check with your doctor if you must and start finding the keys to your health reconstruction today. Anybody can give up or make excuses, but that's not you. You are a person who loves life and would like to go through it with a healthy mind and body. Doctors don't mind you taking pills and paying their outrageous bills as their livelyhood depends on your lack of maintaining your own body.

The gift of life is a most precious gift and you should cherish it with a passion. Remember that love is the reality of knowing that you can lose it. Give your body, health, mind and spirit the best run of its life by enrolling in one of our programs today. I love life, how about you?

Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

Jessup's Gold Dragons Academy

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4540 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60624

Karate History of Master Bryant Jessup

Master Bryant Jessup Sr. is a 5th degree black belt in Universal Shorei-Goju Karate (06/25/2017). His career in martial arts started when he enrolled his two boys, Bryant Jr. and Norman, in a program on 87th and constance under the training of Shujin Master Ben Peacock. He loved watching Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly movies and thought for a while that he, himself, was too old to begin training. After seeing how well his boys were doing in the program, he decided to enroll himself personally to acquire the meticulous knowledge Master Peacock have of the system. Bryant excelled quickly and coasted through the training program, passing all the required exams and even competing in several tournaments. His life places him in a variety of elements that demanded discipling such as the U.S. Army from 1987 to 1991, Chicago Police 1992 - 1994 and then to 3 Circles School of Karate & Physical Fitness, Inc. in 1994. He obtained his 1st degree black belt ahead of his boys in October of 1996, his Nidan (2nd degree) in March of 2000, Sandan (3rd degree) in February of 2003, and his 4th (Master's Degree) in December of 2010.

He was inducted in the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame in January of 2004. In his martial arts career he has worked with several notable individuals such as:

• State Senator Rick Hendon of the 5th Senatorial District
•Alderman Ed Smith - 28th Ward Alderman
•Walter Bennett - 27th Ward Alderman
•Bob Fioretti - 2nd Ward Alderman and
•Jessie White - Secretary of State

He opened his first martial arts academy in September of 1995 at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 3162 W. Monroe Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. He acquired over 40 students and because of that number of participants had to relocate to a larger facility at the Chicago Park District Garfield Park. As his reputation and his classes grew, he found himself at other Chicago Park District's to help spread the art. He taught at Union Park, Lafollette Park, and Amundsen Park District.

Shujin Peacock gave Master Jessup the honor of promoting his own two boys to black belt in 2000. Both, since then, have become notable champions in sparring and kata form. They are now his assistant instructors as he puts it, "It's a family thing!"


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