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Did you know all the medication you're taking right now can be substituted with a naturally grown fruit, vegetable or herb without all the unpleasant side affects?

It's true, you can simply spend time on your computer online and find fruits and vegetables that will have the same and sometimes better effects for you than their counterpart synthetic medication which is loaded with death threatening side effects.

In 1997, I had a serious heart attack and found that one of my arteries were completely closed and the other one was 98% closed. I was treated with a stint and synthetic medication that brought me to a level of unstable mobility and dizziness. I thought my doctors knew what they were doing so I bought in to the need for taking the synthetic medication and wrote my life off as being a life of disorientation. I was in such bad shape that I filed for disability as the synthetic medication began to destroy my balance and orientation and that's when the falling and tripping started. I could not adjust to the affects of the medication to even go upstairs to bed. I was high stepping like a band majorette as I couldn't gage the height I had to lift my feet to engage the steps safely. I had almost given up on life even after I became somewhat of an icon in the martial arts.

One day I made myself downstairs to fix my breakfast and take my medicine. After breakfast, I took my medicine and braced myself for another day of disorientation. Then I noticed a bottle of flax seed capsules on a shelf in the kitchen. I asked my wife what were they for and she told me they belonged to my son. My son yelled from the other room, "I don't want em, you can have them." So, I said "Okay, why not, maybe they'll do something good". How right I was as they seemed to nullify the affects of my synthetic medication to a certain point. I noticed I was taking about 1000mg of flax seed oil and it seemed to make me feel like I was no longer on the outside of my body looking inward.

To make a long story short, I began searching the internet for natural remedies for the problems I had which was high blood pressure, stomach issues, heart disease, over weight, borderline diabetic, and pain. I run across a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", starring Joe Cross. It was the only movie, or information that I have found that gave me a solution to what I was going through. So, I went to his website and there it was a recipe for losing weight like he did in his movie and it didn't take forever to accomplish it. I didn't want to start this method without knowing what advantages of disadvantages these vegetables would have on my body so, I researched them. To my amaze, I found that everything I was taking disorienting pills for was in these vegetables and would reverse my condition rather than just the maintenance of my conditions. I weighed 187 pounds when I started a month ago and today my weight is playing around with 168 pounds. When my wife mentioned that it might cost a bit to juice vegetables for those many days and we didn't have a juicer. My response was "Well, I think my health is worth it!"

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