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Hey, Let's get healthy!

For years I've been searching for the right combination of natural foods I could eat that would bring my body back to a healthy state or even a healthier state. My fingers were beginning to swell, my knees became painful and walking or standing for long periods became difficult to do, I contracted trigger finger in both hands and my joints were achy and sore all the time, blood pressure was in the 140's and I almost weighed 200 pounds at the height of five foot 2 inches. I consulted my doctor and she prescribed Ibuprophene and told me the only way to fix my trigger fingers were to have an operation to sever the tendon to allow the inflamed portion to move freely through it. She gave me a diet which took a rocket scientist to figure out and the cost was substantial. I search the internet to no avail as all I could find were diets and more diets that were very costly and resulted in no affect. Then finally I discovered a movie that changed my life. Just the thing I was looking for and it gave a recipe to counteract my ailments and turn my health issues around. Yes, I was cautious when I reviewed the movie, then I said "What the hell, why not give it a shot?" Within weeks, most of my ailments were gone, the swelling subsideded in my fingers and the trigger finger became almost non-existent, my blood pressure shot down into the low 120's. I dropped a total of 20 points or more in a few weeks. Today, I have no more trigger finger on my right hand and very minor evidence of it on my left hand. My blood pressure is holding between 115 to 120. What am I doing? I'm juicing... The problem for me was, what items should I be juicing and this movie gave me the right combination. I asked myself, what was my health worth to me and it was a no brainer.

Each week, I purchase enough to make a jug of this stuff...Green Stuff. By juicing, the body can take advantage of the nutrients immediately without the sluggishness of eating a meal. Here's what I buy from a reputable fruit and vegetable stand or store:

• 3 Cucumbers

•12 celery stalks or two bunches

•6 Granny apples

•3 bunches of kale

•2 lemons

•and 1 Ginger root

Instructions :

1. Wash and clean all products well

2. Peel the lemons and core the apples (If your have a good juicer it's not necessary to core thd apples)

3. Use about 3 inches of the ginger root and store the remainder

4. Add all the ingredients through the juicer

5. Strain the juice to remove most of the pulp

6. Squeeze the juice from the pulp before you toss it using the strainer

Yes, there may be a little mess in the kitchen but like I said "What's your health worth to you?"

How I did it

I went for a month and one half eating no food and only drinking the juice to reboot my system and flush it. No, I didn't get hungry as whenever I did get hungry, I drank more juice and water. I lost 10 pounds the first week and five pounds the next week. I started the process weighting 187 pounds and within 4 months I was holding at 164 pounds and feeling like a new person.

Click here for the benefits of this green stuff

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