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Now is the time for a committment to be made as life has no replacement parts. Yes the body has very expensive replacement parts but the life you've been blessed to have has absolutely none. Start out on a low impact exercise program and build up to a more aggressive program when your body demands more from you while providing and supplying you with that burst of energy. Check with your doctor if you must and start finding the keys to your health reconstruction today. Anybody can give up or make excuses, but that's not you. You are a person who loves life and would like to go through it with a healthy mind and body. Doctors don't mind you taking pills and paying their outrageous bills as their livelyhood depends on your lack of maintaining your own body.

The gift of life is a most precious gift and you should cherish it with a passion. Remember that love is the reality of knowing that you can lose it. Give your body, health, mind and spirit the best run of its life by enrolling in one of our programs today. I love life, how about you?

Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

Keijo Martial Arts Academy

5610 W. Lake Street
Chicago, Illinois 60644

Karate History of Shihan Master Kewan Dixon


6th Degree Black Belt/Rokyudan: Master Level 4 in Karate Universal Shorei Goju Ryu Karate System

Martial Arts History:

2010- currently teaching and developing two martial arts facilities-Keijo Martial Arts Academy received his 5th degree black belt from the UniversaL Shorei-Goju Karate System

Regional Director for the Karate Administration

co- founded the Illinois Youth Martial Arts League; held its first tournament for the Chicago Public Schools - West Park

2017 - Received 6th Degree Black Belt at annual banquet 06/25/2017
2008 - started teaching at Learn Charter School through the Y.M.CA. 2007- taught karate at Austin Town Hall for free to the Austin Community

2006- taught karate in the Chicago Public Schools after school program "After School Matters" at Prosser High School Elected vice president of the Westside Martial Arts League

2005- taught a Close Pointer Combat Seminar for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.)

2004- closed commercial school and went back to providing services the Chicago Park District

2002- received 4th degree black belt and title of "Professor" from the Karate Administration

2001- began teaching karate in a public school setting under Prologue Alternative in the Westside Youth Building came out of retirement from competition to compete in kata forms in the "Rumble on the Lake Tournament" taking the title of "Grand Champion"

2000- owned and operated commercial martial arts school on the Westside of Chicago

1999- co-owned commercial facility "YSJ" Combined Styles Martial Arts Academy

1998- developed martial arts program for the Chicago Park District 1994- received 3rd degree black belt and taught programs throughout the Chicago land area for Youth of America

1990- assistant instructor at Three(3) Circles School of Karate and Physical Fitness

1988- received 1st degree black belt under Shihan Benjamin Peacock at the age of fourteen (14) featured in the Chicago Sun-Times received 2nd degree black belt

1985- was introduced to Shihan Benjamin Peacock: started karate under his tutelage and started competing in numerous tournaments

1984- started karate at Holy Trinity Church under Sensei Edward Cattenhead; in the art of Chinese Kempo





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