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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Officials

Who Runs The Organization?

The symbol to the left wouldn't mean very much were it not for the quality of individuals at the helm of its operation. The Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System takes pride, not only in the quality of its system, but the quality of its personnel. Our system is unique in that we won't allow anyone to come into our organization wearing any rank from another system and be placed into our system with the same rank and given priviledges to operate in our system under that rank without undergoing our ranking process. Every individual in our system or coming into our system has to prove themselves worthy to wear our patch and our logo as we take pride in who is teaching our students and the level of knowledge about our system approach they have. You will be tested for each level of rank based on our system from the beginning stage to whatever stage you are competent to complete. Our system has a documented curriculm in which each individual must show they have sufficient knowledge of our Academic studies as to excel and promote themselves through our educational process. Shujin Master Ben Peacock, writes and authors all training and study manuals and materials within our system as a standard guideline for our students to be trained and our instructors to teach. No individual without a firm nucleus of our system approach and theories can teach or take charge of any class that is in session. Therefore, when you see anyone wearing this symbol, you know that they are in the process or has been qualified to wear it. The following pages in the menu above will describe the duties and tasks of our operations officials.

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