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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor's Duties & Tasks


Responsible for overseeing dojo operations and their staff. Trains, coaches, and mentors instructors on how to deliver the best program and customer service possible.


•Investigate instructor's and customer's problems and find solutions.

•Communicate with instructors or customers via phone, email, or letter.

•Hire, train, and reprimand or suspend non-conformant instructors.

•Provide scripts to read from during phone calls to new dojo instructors.

•Handle major incidents that cannot be resolved by dojo head instructor.

•Resolve complaints and standardization conflict issues.

•Ask customers to provide feedback on instructors and their assistants.

•Issue opportunity to customers to meet with higher level official on unresolved issues.

•Initiate surprise inspection of dojo and standardization procedures.

•Analyze data and statistics.

•Compile and print reports on overall customer satisfaction.

•Isolate and identify areas of improvement.

•Train instructors on how to adequately address problem over the phone or how to write correspondence.

•Work with President/Vice President on customer service initiatives.

•Utilize social media to respond to customer complaints and praise.

•Supervise classes if undesirable data and statistics stem from the operation of a dojo.

•Train instructors on how to effectively lead classes and activities.

•Report to the President of Operation all activities and communications of schools and academies that are governed by the organization.

•To assure instructional classes, training sessions, clinics, seminars are performed to a particular standard and are also done so per the stated rules and regulations of the organization. •That all dress codes are being followed to the letter and that all instructor personnel have the proper teaching hours, certification and stated time needed to run or head a class.

•Provide ample information to instructors on the proper fundamentals of techniques being taught throughout the system.

•To review, examine and or validate promotions of members throughout the organization.

•To provide information to associate schools on the wearing of patches, logos, emblems, silk screening and etc. that are approved and are not approved by the organization.

•To provide assistance to instructors on kata form, self defense, sparring and etc. when necessary to obtain and maintain consistency of the organization's mode of standards.

• To explain and lecture instructors on the emphasized approach of the system when it is felt the instructor is unaware of pertainent theories and fundamentals or has strayed away from them.

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