Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

The elements represented in the carousel are the essence and full definition of how our system works and how it should be applied. As you can see, all of the objects are geometric and or mathematics which implies that the system is based on a trigonometric formula of defense. The symbols represents what to do, when to do it and how it should be done. Remembering the symbols alone can be sufficient in orchestrating a completely successful defense against one or more assailants. Not only is our system based on mathematical formulas and theories, but it is also organized to maintain a high level of standardization which is highly enforced by our Chief Instructor, Master Kewan Dixon. Master Dixon is instrumental in keeping all of our schools in check as to actually streamline our output and results into a consistent outcome across the entire population of our programs. He makes sure that every student knows and is taught the same thing even when we allow creativity and flexibility. He also applies his talents on our black belts as well as he task them to know their place or places within the system so that we have a consistent flow of teamwork between our instructors and a level pool of valued informtion between them. He is also the director of illinois which give him the full power to pass or revoke any rank that is received if the proper documentation is not filled our or is correct, or the proper fees are not paid in a timely manner. Although Shujin Peacock has the last say in certain matters, Master Young has full blanket authority over the inner workings of this system. Others with simular authority are Master Essie Calvert, Master Kewan Dixon, Master Darrell Simms and Sensei Bryant Jessup as these individual are regional directors under Master Young. These regional directors has similar duties and power as Master Young except he can revoke, recind, change or void any action or actions that he feel isn’t beneficial to the overall mission statement of the organization. Chief Instructor and Illinois Director over our Shorin-Ryu Division is Shihan Master Arlene Pierce.

How Does Our Karate System Work?

There are two systems to be considered when you talk about our system. We have a system of karate and an organizational system. We will first discuss with you the martial arts system we teach and then we will discuss the organizational system. Our system of karate is sometimes called the “Art of Not Fighting”, because it is designed to disable or prevent an assailant from having the ability of launching a successful attack on you. It’s based on mathematical formulas that are coupled with the physical conditioning of an individual. Each element of the formular or theory are critical to the successful accomplishment of your defense. Once you enroll in our classes, you will receive a beginners training manual that will take you through the basic techniques you will need to defend yourself at a novice level. This manual will orient you to the general knowledge of how we will train you to defend yourself and what you must do to make it all happen. Even if your purpose in karate isn’t for the defensive mechanisms, you will become more aware of what you are capable of doing with your body at a higher level of understanding than you had before. Our training manuals also come in DVD format also. After approximately 3 months of training, you should be ready to take an official examination on items that are required for you to know at the end of that time period. Although some may take longer to comprehend the information required, 3 months is the time period we have chosen which we feel you should know the required material. If you are successful in passing the examination, you will be given a date on which your promotion to another rank will be ceremonalized. During the ceremony, you will receive your certification of rank, the belt slated for your promotion level, and a new training manual or DVD. Your training will continue in this manner, until you have reached the level of Shodan, of 1st degree black belt. On several occassions, you may wish to experience your training or test it out by enrolling into a tournament championship competition. Our instructors are all skilled in tournament competition and can vary your training for these events. Once reaching the level of Shodan, your educational process does not end. You are required to enroll in our 5 chambers of knowledge, which orients you on how to best utilize the teaching hours required by our organization. After enrolling into the first chamber, you will be required to acquire a certificate of standardization, a minimum of a class 2 black certificate and a certified black belt certificate which allows you to teach our system to new enrollees.

How Does Our Karate System Differ?

To my knowledge, there are only three (3) karate systems fully controlled by black individuals. There is the oldest of the systems Shorei-Goju karate who’s Grandmaster is Preston Baker and director is Shihan Stan McKinney, the next oldest is the Universal Karate System who’s Grandmaster is Jimmy Jones Jr. and director Shujin Master Ben Peacock, and the youngest karate system is the Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System who’s Grandmaster is Ben Peacock and he is also the director. If you wish to read about how these historic events occurred then read Ben Peacock’s article on “The Truth”. These three quality martial made history and control their perspective systems with a strong hand unparalleled to any other system. Click on the names above that are in blue to view their websites and information. Our system of karate is sometimes called the “Art of Not Fighting”, because it is designed to disable or prevent an assailant from having the ability of launching a successful attack on you. It’s based on mathematical formulas that are coupled with the physical conditioning of an individual. Each element of the formula or theory are critical to the successful accomplishment of your defense. Once you understand the required elements of the system, the circle, the triangle, the square, and the 2/5th theory, you are on your way to understanding one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful system available to the public. In the carousel above you will find each item of our system. By clicking on the element of your choice, you will be linked to a page that will briefly explain that feature of our system. After clicking on all of the elements, you will begin to sense our mind set on how we defend ourself without the activity of fighting. Fighting is defined as an exchange of punches or blows between two or more individuals. However, our system is opposed to exchanging blows with another individual, so we devised a method that would eliminate or minimize the exchanging blows process of ones defense. It’s all in the design of body mechanic. When a person wants to throw a blow to hit someone, they have to do certain maneuvers with their legs and arms to complete the structure necessary to generate energy or power force from the ground. If those body mechanics were interrupted in a way, then the individual wanting to throw a blow would not be able to do so because of that interruption. Also, if, there were an obstacle between the two individuals obstructing the person wanting to throw a punch from reaching their intended target, then again their would be a failed attempt to launch a successful attack. Therefore, this is a synopsis of how our system works. A person needs to have space, and an opportunity to maneuver their body to launch an attack. The Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System, had developed a method of defense to interrupt, disengage, disable, and agitate an individuals attempt to launch an attack successfully. We are so excited about this system that we want everybody to experience it personally. So, if you’re up for good body conditioning and superior defensive mechanisms, then you should be in a better martial arts system. We assure you that you will be totally satisfied with the outcome and results. You will find our system both exciting and knowledgeable, defined and creative, not flashy but very effective.

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