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Universal Karate System

Not Affiliated With :
The Universal Karate System or The National Karate League

The Heartbeat of the Midwest

The Universal Karate Do System is a unique system of karate designed for the average American individual. Most individuals between the height of 5'4" to 5'10" will find this system extremely powerful and effective. The system designed after the fighting skills and fundamentals of Grandmaster James A. Jones Jr., became so powerful in street and tournament applications that most of its most effective techniques were banned from tournament competition and remains banned today. Master Jones sought to unify American Karate through the introduction of the “Universal Karate System.” This System was designed for Americans, including all styles of Karate: hard and soft, hands and feet. In this style, Master Jones developed five snake forms that have been accepted throughout the country. This system follows a traditional program of Karate discipline, both physical and mental. The focus or approach of this system in on the lower kyushos of an opponent whereby you defend any aggression by targeting the balance of an opponent by affecting the upper kyushos. The emphasis of the system is to take away the balance point of an opponent as to render them inadequate to launch a successful attack. The system consists of jamming, grabbing, sweeping, controlling and throwing. It also launches defensive mechanisms toward the lower kyushos to shut down certain organs, nerve centers and bone structure. In competition, opponents were so easily beaten by this system that promoters began to systematically ban the use of most of the system's signature techniques. They began to outlaw leg checks, sweep, take downs, groin kick and etc. Even today, tournaments will not allow the use of most techniques designed into the creation of the Universal Karate System now practiced under the Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System known as Universal Karate Do System. The system is not affiliated with the Universal Karate System or the National Karate League.
Our system is managed by members of two separate karate systems combined or merged to assure the completion of a united mission statement:

To re-establish, set and abide by standards for martial arts training, tournament competition and guide lines, kata, weapons and self defense, certification of students including black belts as to assure a continued bench mark of quality martial artist at a very high level of expectation.

  • Constitution - Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

  • Grand Master - Benjamin Peacock 9th Dan (Universal Karate SYstem) (10th Dan Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

  • Director - Benjamin Peacock, 10th Dan (Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System)

  • Chief Instructor - TBA

  • Marketing Director - TBA

  • Director of Events & Activities - TBA

  • Director of Finance - TBA

  • Director of Legal - TBA


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